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This weekend

was CRAZY! I shall divide it into three parts. forgive the strangeness in punctuation. My shoulder's acting up and I can't really sit still long enough to edit.


Glanna gave birth yesterday. We were joking about it over dinner at Orry's place in La Union that on the day that we weren't in Baguio, Glanna would give birth. So we ended up drunk calling Rohan at 1 or so in the morning screaming incoherent things at him. Other things should not be mentioned in polite company. Basta, ang kulit. Poor Rohan. Na-bombard ng mga lasingero ng di oras!

Rosie: "Oh wow, Ryu Grey!"
Then she passed out. Hilariousness.

Welcome to the Planet, Mr. RYU GREY! We went by the hospital today to visit Rohan and Glanna and their new baby Ryu. He's hairy. And very very warm. ♥ ♥ &hearts:


Bus fare 80 php
Food chip in 109 php
2 packs yosi 80 php
chips and other unnecessary food (like stuffins) 75 php

the expression on carlo's face when rohan texted that glanna gave birth PRICELESS

and other great moments

"GLLLAAANNNA GGGAAAAAVVVEE BIIIIIRRRTTH!!!" (followed by incoherent drunk screaming)
Carlo's winner line of the night
The giant shotglass that got everyone wasted
Aliah and Tina climbing up cabinets
The beautiful beautiful house by the river, complete with suha, makopa, ilang-ilang, manggo and tree climbing tree. The bamboo floor and Rosie's hammock. The fish pond and the little make out bridge like a movie set.

Toni Gonzaga: O, hindi kita pwedeng mahalin.
Sam Milby: Bakit? May tinatago ka bang sikreto? May boyfriend ka na? Kasal ka na?
Toni Gonzaga: Hindi. Tilapia talaga ako. (Jumps off beautiful bridge wrapped in flowers and vines into river. In the background, ducklings waddle by. Rosie is following them).

I swear that was funny when we were drunk. And how the house was SO HUGE but we were all huddled on the steps getting louder and louder with every shot.

HILOG! (Don't ask)
Caviar and strawberries
"Where's my phone?" - Les
The mutant cockroach the size of a big toe that I Murdered
Taking a bath in the rain/river bathing
Conserving water
Rosie chasing after ducklings making clucking sounds
Playing god with little tilapias. Terrorizing fish is fun.
"The house moved me" -Carlo
"Oh my God, you're my sis?" - Orry
"I'm trying to help him with his problem and he turns and WALKS AWAY/!!" - RM

And many more psycho moments brought to you by Red Horse Beer and GSM Blue.


I love how the Black Sabbath song plays the whole time, but subtly. It's incorporated into the score and soundtrack but not a word is heard. Hrr. Except that the way he flies is ghey. Ghey, i tell you.


this is what we were talking about during dinner last thursday (i watched friday, but left to go to la union before i could blog it. haller, i has a life to live)

My sister mentioned that she was watching Iron Man and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I have work!

Followed by:

Me: Tomorrow I will be lined up before SM even opens. I will be clutching a slurpee and a giant bag of popcorn.
Ticket Lady: Ma'am, hindi pa po tapos, ung next showing po--
Me: (ala Crocker in Fairy Godparents) IRONMAN!
Ticket Lady: Eh, maam, isang oras pa--
Me: Ironman! *Rabid drooling*

The plot plots were predictable, especially if you know the Iron Man comic. BUT WHO GIVES A FLYING BANANA! I love how Robert Downey Jr. was so perfect for this role. Gwyneth Paltrow's legs are incredible (and so were her shoes). aahh, the shoes.

Best Line: "Yes, and I also take out the trash." ^^ A very good superhero movie that doesn't disappoint (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer), doesn't delve into super stupid cheesiness (Ghostrider). It's as good as the Spider-Man series (without the emo-drama of the second or third) and Batman Begins (without the liberal dosage of angst and Dark Knightness). Well done! IAMIRONMAN!!! (But the way he flies is ghey).


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May. 5th, 2008 05:31 am (UTC)

*dance of glee*

I am in your LJ, spamming you with fangirl glee! XD *gleefully smacks Spidey with Elmo again and again*
May. 5th, 2008 08:43 am (UTC)
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