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too much?

hmm i've been here in boracay for five (yup, count em) days. i'll be here till the 31st.

i have a room to myself, tv, music, food, wifi and im working most of the day. it's great cause my job lets me go anywhere--i just need internetz. (for pron, kidding).

i got drunk yesterday with grace  and chatted up this dude from australia. he was harmless, les, dont worry. i loves you. it was cool cause the bar had a pool, or the pool had a bar. two of my favorite things: swimming and drinking.

although one should take precautions when swimming and drinking.

 i also slept really long and woke up at 4 am to watch the rain fall down and move all the clothes hung outside in a panic. then i sat on a chair and tried to wait for sunrise, but i got sleepy. i worked most of the morning, saw jasmine off (her flight was at 130, cause she got an earlier flight) i wish asia or jasmine were here with me. anyone really. asia, mostly, but ATENEO is in the FINALS, so there :p GO ASIA. haha. GO ATENEO (sorry UP, but you do know that sports isn't your strong suit).

the point of this post is: i'm a little bored. haha. so if you guys (especially the borderline alcoholics like me) happen to be in boracay from today till the 31st send me smoke signals haha, text me call me, show up at my resort. please. ang loser talaga. hindi kasi bagay sa akin na mag-isa.


Jun. 1st, 2008 12:17 pm (UTC)
katipunan qc! just message me if you're here!